Handmade Evolution

Revolution implies returning to the starting position.  Evolution is a process of building on the past with a view to the future.

I started The Office of Minor Details as a reaction to faceless mass production, but not as a revolution but rather an evolution.  Combining a return to handcraft with the technology of the internet to connect globally with you. I aim to deliver a personal touch and unique products handmade to order specifically for you.

Back to Basics

Family & friends, food, water and shelter are the things needed to sustain life - everything else is simply a minor detail.  Or so the epiphany on the beach went that led to the inception of The Office of Minor Details more than 15 years ago.  I quit my job as an architect to start my own design studio making small scale items with my own hands. The products offered here are part of that project but the project isn't finished yet!

The Joy of the Detail

As a practicing architect I found great satisfaction in the details, the small parts that we interact with on a human scale.  The detail is just as important to me in the small things I use every day.  The Office of Minor Details aims to take everyday items and craft them in a way that will bring you joy every time you use them.

Function Over Fashion

I don’t change my designs every year or follow the latest fashion.  Every item I make is a direct result of my own needs or a request from a friend or customer.  Each product is designed to be simple, durable and practical beyond reason.  If it isn’t broken…don't fix it!

From New Zealand to the World

The Office of Minor Details is located in Wellington, New Zealand.  All the products are made right here by my own hand.  Thanks to the internet my products are available to you wherever you are in the world.  I hope you enjoy using them as much I enjoy making them.

Iain Blanshard - Architect | Designer | Craftsman

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